Who We Serve

It’s never too soon to start thinking about your financial future. In fact, the earlier, the better. It starts with setting a goal, and then we’ll work together to craft a plan to get you there. SJL Financial specializes in helping clients who have reached the point in their personal and financial lives where they are ready to put a plan in motion.

Early and Mid-Career Professionals

You’re making money now (finally) but what do you do with it to accomplish your goals and achieve the lifestyle you’ve dreamed about?

Time is on your side so let’s make sure your journey is headed on the right path whether it’s
tackling student loan debt, maximizing employer benefits, or charting the course to financial freedom.

Service Members and Veterans

As a Veteran myself, I’ve been a Drill Status Guardsman, a Dual-Status Federal Technician, and an Active Guard Reserve (AGR). I know the challenges military families face and the ins and outs of the tremendous benefits at your disposal. Let’s make sure your service to your country serves you too!

Why Choose a
Fee-Only Financial Advisor?

As a fee-only fiduciary, I always have your best interests in mind. 100% of my compensation comes from you, the client. I only work for you! No referral fees for recommending specific products or services that can create conflicts of interest. No soft-dollar kickbacks and absolutely no commissions (meaning no quotas for the “home office” or sales contests). I have the autonomy to serve you the way we each feel is best.

You’ll know the cost of my services upfront, and you’ll know that your success is my only motivation. You can learn even more about the SJL Financial approach to working with clients by checking out Our Process.